Virgo: Career & Finance

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8/23 - 9/22

Monthly Career

You might not think that you are super into all the sudden fluidity you encounter on the 1st. After all, you thought this puppy had been put to bed! Now it turns out you've still got a couple of unresolved issues and room to maneuver and leeway for changing the parameters. And of course, this is a bummer in that it means more work. But it's also an opportunity! You can really make this yours. So get to work making this thing a thing of beauty! Ask yourself what you really, really want on the 5th and 6th. After all, if you aren't sure where you're heading, it can be more challenging to find the way there. If you ask yourself what you want, and the answer is, 'I don't know,' that's ok, too. But it's better to know you don't know, so you can be deliberate about being open. A work outing could turn romantic on the 15th or 16th. What are these obstacles teaching you on the 21st and 22nd? Be kind on the 27th, no matter how nuts things around the office are. Nurture yourself on the 30th. People really appreciate you!

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You're able to see what others overlook. Such as the drippy nose or droopy diaper the kids are too busy to tend to. Or a work procedure problem your boss really should know about. Nothing gets past you today.



Now is the time for serious investigations. You should be able to learn more about almost anything you set your mind to -- even existential mysteries or secrets humanity was never meant to learn.



You may feel restless today. This will have you eschewing the same old same old in favor of something new and exciting. Remember that your quest for adventure doesn't have to be extreme, and can be as close as that restaurant next door you've never tried. Why not go Filipino? Get some adobo and merienda cena.



Pick a goal and work on it -- nothing but it -- until you accomplish your mission. If you want to knit yourself a scarf, for example, pick up the needles and a how-to book and clear the rest of your afternoon.