Virgo: Career & Finance

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8/23 - 9/22
Week starting from February 2  

Weekly Career

Take care interacting with coworkers on Monday. Everyone's a little testy, and if your boss has to get involved, look out. Around Tuesday and Wednesday, undertake an analysis of a financial situation. Your findings could have major impact. From Thursday through sometime Saturday, independent projects are favored; just be deliberate when it comes time to share your results or do your reporting. Accentuate the positive and show how you're already addressing the negative. Schedule some time off in the remainder of the weekend. Friends, family and fun are in the stars now.

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You're able to see what others overlook. Such as the drippy nose or droopy diaper the kids are too busy to tend to. Or a work procedure problem your boss really should know about. Nothing gets past you today.



Now is the time for serious investigations. You should be able to learn more about almost anything you set your mind to -- even existential mysteries or secrets humanity was never meant to learn.



You may feel restless today. This will have you eschewing the same old same old in favor of something new and exciting. Remember that your quest for adventure doesn't have to be extreme, and can be as close as that restaurant next door you've never tried. Why not go Filipino? Get some adobo and merienda cena.



Pick a goal and work on it -- nothing but it -- until you accomplish your mission. If you want to knit yourself a scarf, for example, pick up the needles and a how-to book and clear the rest of your afternoon.