Virgo: Career & Finance

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8/23 - 9/22
Week starting from June 22  

Weekly Career

Your level of ambition is perfect at the start of the week -- you've got your goals front-of-mind, but you're also sensitive to the current climate. An agile approach pays off handsomely now. When someone asks for your opinion on Wednesday or Thursday, lead with something positive, and keep the criticism specific and actionable. Even if you're essentially saying 'go back to square one,' say it respectfully. Beginning Friday and through most of the weekend, others may be moving at a snail's pace. You'll make the most progress with solo projects now.

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You're going to have to make allowances today. Others have opinions that are very different from yours, so simply let them think what they will. And the little one might ask for an advance on their allowance for -- it's a surprise!



Don't let your criticism turn into nitpicking -- you've got to make sure that people know you're on their side. You have legitimate concerns, of course, but they can be expressed gently.



People will be moving very slowly today, while you're in the opposite mode. This will test your patience until you realize that you're stressed while they're all smiling. Move into the slow lane, and join friends for a leisurely dinner. Take your time with your pesto farfalle; you've got the time.



Think about your makeup in terms of painting. Daily wear is like a wash of pigment, a watercolor, not heavy layers of gesso to prepare a canvass. Find a natural light source and put your mirror beside it. And don't hesitate to experiment until you hit on the right combo.