Virgo: Love & Relationships

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8/23 - 9/22

Monthly Love

Be cool, calm, collected, graceful, gracious, smooth, fair, balanced, grounded and flexible, for best romantic results on the 1st. Ok, ok. Nobody is that good at being that cool all the time. So strive to be all those things, as the month gets going, and if you fail, just a little, don't beat yourself up. You're only human! And your romantic other half should get that, if they're worthy of being your romantic other half. You know? Your friends have priceless insights into your romantic situation on the 7th and 8th. Why not get an expert opinion on the 11th or 12th? Talking to someone who really knows a lot about the affairs of the heart will really, really help you. Don't do all the giving on the 17th and 18th. You need to learn how to take, too. It's going to be up to you, whether you turn the 22nd and 23rd into super romantic or super un-romantic days. A serious workout makes you feel seriously better, about everything, on the 28th. Make sure the 29th, 30th and 31st are days devoted to you! Tell your main squeeze what the deal is.

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You're feeling a little on the persnickety side today, and want to get everything done as soon as possible. You're tempted to rush the kiddo, just to get it all over with. Force yourself to slow down and try to enjoy the time together. You'll both be glad you did.



You're feeling the urge to rush ahead and push forward with a new project, but this is not the best time. Give it a few days and see if you can pull together a few new allies or facts to make it all work out.



You may be invited to a boring acquaintance's dinner -- again. Too bad you're plum out of excuses. Or are you? Invite folks over to your place for a meal instead. That way you can say (honestly) that you have plans.



Persuasive people abound, but it's up to you to decide whether you should be persuaded. If you love that watch, let the salesperson go on about its great features. But if you know it's overpriced, smile and say goodbye.