Virgo: Love & Relationships

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8/23 - 9/22
Week starting from January 5  

Weekly Love

Others just aren't operating on your schedule as the week begins, and when it comes to romance, it could be a bit vexing. Do what you need to do to cool off -- love can't always operate on your timeline. If there's a certain someone involved, make a real effort to be open-minded and open-eared, now and on Wednesday and Thursday. Think about it: Getting angry about it probably isn't best. And all those good-faith efforts might just culminate in something great on Friday or over the weekend, when the stars favor expression, exploration and soul power. Share yours!

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You always give it your all, putting in your very best effort at all times. Not sure if it's getting you anywhere? Hang tight and recognition will soon be here. In the meantime, spend more time on the treadmill.



Your brain is hungry for new information, and you should be able to get what you need with ease. If you know just what you're looking for, it comes to you unerringly; if not, expect a fun ride!



An old-fashioned brouhaha may result when you and a friend butt heads today. Arguing over differing viewpoints can be exhausting and counterproductive. Can you both get satisfaction by meeting in the middle? Why can't you have pepperoni and pineapple on a pizza? Stranger things have happened.



If you find yourself tempted to take a risk, weigh the pros and cons. Don't do anything radical for the big party. You obviously don't have time to grow out mistakes or replace ill-fitting fashion disasters.