Virgo: Love & Relationships

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8/23 - 9/22
Week starting from October 19  

Weekly Love

You're thinking fast when it comes to love as the week begins, but blurting out your latest finding may not be the best idea. Wait for more details to develop -- they'll affect the big picture. Between Wednesday and Friday, social time feels great, and you'll find bounteous support for that heart of yours among those who care for you. This weekend, though, take romantic advice with whatever amount of salt suits you, as it may not be on target. As far as dates go, be ready to drop everything or change plans -- being flexible can be very fun.

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This could be the day you rise and shine before the kiddo! You and the other half are on the same page when it comes to getting through this day quickly. And on ways to celebrate the day's victories after lights out tonight.



It's okay to let loose with a little creative destruction today -- your energy is good enough that the positive should far outweigh the negative. If anyone can't handle it, give them the day off.



Your hard work will pay off, and once a certain project is locked and loaded, you can switch the focus of the day to romance. Enjoy a plate of spaghetti with a crush, or an espresso and chocolate mousse with your long-term flame. Delight in each other's company, and the sweet flavors you share.



Nothing could distract you from your goals now. So what tasks do you absolutely want to make sure you accomplish? Finding the perfect jeans, for example, or finishing the scarf you're knitting? Start with those.