Virgo: Love & Relationships

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8/23 - 9/22

2012: Virgo Love


Venus might not make its way into your chart until October, but you'll have plenty of other powerful planetary influences to keep your romantic life flourishing. For one thing, you'll have the supercharged masculine mojo of Mars revving your stars for the first six months of the year. You'll have no problem going for what you want - and getting it!

Pluto continues to exert a powerfully subterranean influence over your romance sector, as it will for years to come. You're slowly becoming accustomed to Pluto's ongoing death-and-rebirth experiences in the realms of love and creative self-expression. You've already shed many selves over the past few years, and Pluto has been gutting out your love life in order to create space for greater levels of passion and intimacy. You may have learned - or you may still be learning - the hard way that the more you let go, the more you receive.

With the rather new presence of Neptune - the planet of glamour, illusion and longing - in your partnership sector, you're still finding your sea legs in that area of your life. Relationships are no longer a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be lived. Discrimination used to be one of your finest points when choosing a partner, but now you're more prone to the highs and lows of romantic projection. Seeing what you want to see, rather than what's real, is the true pitfall of Neptune's rose-colored glasses. Under Neptune's influence, you have a tremendous amount of compassion for your partner. Just be wary of becoming too self-sacrificing.

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Show your baby a new way of organizing their stuff today. Such as their favorite toys and games on the shelf, clothes in the closet and least favorite stuff under the crib. It just might sink in this time.



You should find that the day seems to work out better for you if you try to make small changes in the way you do things. It's not that hard, and it shouldn't shake up your world too much.



Go crazy today and mix up your regular routine. This may initially disorient you, but you'll soon welcome the change. Things could get quite kooky, but go with it. Who says you can't have French toast and bacon for dinner? Stranger things have happened.



Think about your lifestyle before you agree to a beauty process. If you swim every day or are about to go on a three-month trip around the world, do you really want to get extensive, dramatic highlights? Maybe not.