Virgo Horoscope

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8/23 - 9/22

Monthly Overview

The sun is shining (or if it's not shining yet, it will be, soon) and the breeze is gentle and fresh, ready to envelop you in its good vibes. As you go about your work days on the 1st and 2nd, be sure to get outside as much as you can. The more you connect with the earth, the calmer and happier you'll be, no matter what's happening at the office. Doesn't that sound good? Your environment is sending you all kinds of amazing signals on the wonderful 8th, 9th and 10th. Yes, you are surrounded by loving people, you are helping them with your good vibes, and somebody special thinks you are really cute. Try to give your family the time they need on the 15th and 16th. Even more than that, they want to be the focus of your attention. Turn off your smart phone, lock up the laptop and connect emotionally. Some super confusing details are totally annoying on the 22nd and 23rd. That does not mean you can afford to ignore them! Go to yoga, then tackle that project all over again. Make it a good day on the 28th. There's a good reason you rely on your friends for support -- they're reliable! So turn to them on the 31st.

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Much as you strive to stick to schedule, other people keep changing it up. If you can just accept that delays come with the territory, you'll navigate more smoothly. And the tyke doesn't mind a little improv now and then.



If it's up to you, today's big launch or project gets canceled. There's nothing wrong with that -- in fact, knowing when to say no is one of the key elements of real success. Don't be shy!



There's no reason to rush around today. Your mellow mood will lend itself to total relaxation. So leave off doing some of your usual chores unless absolutely necessary. Skip grocery shopping. Today will be all about convenience, and the joys of take-out Chinese.



Honesty, now more than ever, is your best policy. So if your stylist asks what you think of her idea for your hair or your best pal wants an assessment of the dress she's trying on, be sensitive and cut to the chase.