Ideas for creating a guest house

Are looking to put a little space between you and your guests? A guest house is perfect for a sleep-over with the grand kids. It could even be a life-saver when some of the older relatives come to call. From summer sleeping rooms to full-blown cabins, a guest house may be within your reach. Here are some terrific options.

• Garage Renovation

If you've got a garage, you may have the quick spot for a simple guest house. Clear out the clutter, spruce up the floor and the walls; then bring in a spot of furniture. Even without all of the creature comforts, you can still have a summer sleeping room with dreamy linens, fluffy pillows and a soft cushion bed. Renovate your garage to be a tiny getaway from the main house that offers a bit of privacy for you and your guests.

• Modern Carriage House

Don't want to give up parking in the garage? Then how about creating a modern-day carriage house? In the old days, a carriage house was a place to store your cart and horses. Larger versions included living quarters for the staff above. Today's version is a small sleeping space or studio apartment above the garage. How perfect for when the in-laws come to stay.

• Convert a Cabana

In case you're wondering, a cabana is just a fancy pool shed where you can change or shower. But, it could be so much more. If you're lucky enough to have a cabana, you've got a great start for a guest house. Beef up the insulation, add a couple of day beds and side tables and you'll have an adorable place to sit and chat or stay the night - pool side.

• Roll One Off

If you've got a bit of cash, your guest house could be as easy as bringing in a portable building. Believe it or not, there are companies that specialize in making pre-built cabins that they truck in and roll-off - right in your backyard. You can get a 10' x 20' shell for under $4,000. Keep it rustic or dress it up - it's your choice.

• Get Handy with a Kit

For those of us with basic carpentry skills, a pre-cut kit could be a wonderful project that puts a guest house anywhere you want it. There are many styles and sizes to choose from. I've seen some adorable 8' x 10' kit starting under $5,000.

Check out the pictures and the inspiration for this article in the Guest House ideabook on Houzz. Maybe you'll find a way to put a guest house on your property and give you and your guests the privacy you desire.

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