8 Delicious Cooking Oils You Aren't Using (Yet!)

With guidance from Living's test kitchen, we've created a chart to introduce some of the newer oils at the grocery store. You can decide their best applications based on cooking temperature ("smoke point" is the temperature at which an oil begins to break down and smoke) and flavor.

Avocado Oil

Smoke Point: 520 degrees (high heat)

Suggested Use: Excellent for high-heat sauteing and in dressing and dips.

Flavor: Delicate avocado taste. Emerald-green color makes it a pretty finishing oil for grilled veggies.

Rice-Bran Oil

Smoke Point: 490 degrees (high heat)

Suggested Use: Great for high-heat sauteing and panfrying.

Flavor: Mild flavor lets other flavors stand out. Excellent for wok-cooking shrimp and vegetables.

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Grapeseed Oil

Smoke Point: 425 degrees (medium-high heat)

Suggested Use: Nice everyday oil; works well for baking and high-heat sauteing.

Flavor: Very neutral. Lets ingredients in pasta sauces, soups, and salad dressings shine.

Macadamia-Nut Oil

Smoke Point: 400 to 450 degrees (medium-high heat)

Suggested Use: Good for stir-frying and using in vinaigrettes.

Flavor: Subtle macadamia taste adds flavor to dishes, such as panfried fish. Nice in Asian dishes.

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Sesame Oil

Smoke Point: 350 degrees (medium heat)

Suggested Use: Great for medium-heat sauteing, for baking, and in marinades.

Flavor: Sweet, nutty taste -- more understated than the toasted variety. Delicious in a soy vinaigrette.

Virgin Coconut Oil

Smoke Point: 325 degrees (medium heat)

Suggested Use: Creamy and buttery, it's great for baking but also nice melted and used for light sauteing.

Flavor: Distinct coconut flavor. Add a spoonful to oatmeal; great in banana bread and muffins.

Walnut Oil

Smoke Point: 325 degrees (medium heat)

Suggested Use: Good for drizzling over cooked vegetables and salads.

Flavor: Savory, with a slight walnut taste. Nice oil to finish summer soups like gazpacho.

Roasted Pumpkin Seed Oil

Smoke Point: 250 degrees (low heat)

Suggested Use: Best as a finishing oil for meats and vegetables. Works well in salad dressings.

Flavor: Smoky, earthy flavor. Tasty over grilled corn on the cob and excellent over asparagus.

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Stir-fries are a great place to experiment with new-to-you cooking oils.