The Easiest (and Tastiest) Party Appetizer: Baked Brie on Baguettes

Today I have an appetizer recipe that you are going to absolutely love. This recipe is perfect for parties and has a sophisticated touch that makes it especially nice for the holidays! So, what is this delicious appetizer? Why, BOBs, of course!
BOBs (a.k.a. Brie on Bread) - The Perfect Party Appetizer!
A BOB is a slice of baguette topped with delicious melted brie and a bit of spice (Brie On Bread). My dear friend Karen and her friends created BOBs years ago - this recipe has stood the test of time! The best part of BOBs is that they are beyond simple to prepare in addition to being incredibly delicious!

BOBs (Brie on Bread)
- 1 Baguette, sliced
- Hunk of Brie, cut into thin sliced about the size of a baguette slice
- Garlic Salt
- Fresh cracked pepper

Place sliced brie on baguette slices (if a few of the brie pieces are smaller, just put more than one piece of brie on the bread so that you cover the slice of baguette). Sprinkle with garlic salt and pepper. Broil on baking sheet until cheese starts to bubble and things just start to brown. Serve warm and be prepared to watch them disappear right before your eyes!

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