In the Pantry: How to Use Holiday Seasonings All Year Long

Allspice, nutmeg, and cinnamon are staple flavors of the holiday season. But "In the Pantry" host Aida Mollenkamp says these spices can go far beyond pies and cider. On this week's show, she shares her favorite ways to add dashes of holiday sweetness to savory meals throughout the year.

"Give these spices more responsibility at the dinner table and keep them working for you all year long," says Mollenkamp. She also notes that spices can last up to six months if stored in a cool, dry place.

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Allspice. While the spice is traditionally used in gingerbread and pumpkin pie recipes, Mollenkamp suggests adding it to your favorite smoky-flavored barbecue sauce.

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Nutmeg. "This year, don't put [nutmeg] in the back of your spice rack at the end of December," says Mollenkamp. "Try using it in savory dishes instead of just your drinks." She likes to use a sprinkle of nutmeg in potato gratin or pastas with a cream-based sauce. "You can even stir it into a cheesecake base," she says.

Cinnamon. Molllenkamp calls cinnamon the "seasonal MVP of spices" and says it's a versatile companion to savory dishes. She suggests adding the spice to curry powder, sprinkling it on roasted beets, or stirring it into your favorite tomato sauce.

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