Two-Ingredient Magic Shell

It's always more fun to DIY. Today: How to make magic shell at home, with just two pantry ingredients.

Magic Shell from Food52

- Marian Bull, assistant editor at

There's magic hiding in your cupboard.

It's not Narnia (sorry), not a winter wonderland where A/C is free and centaurs befriend you out of nowhere. But it will make your summer more enjoyable. It will give you another excuse to buy ice cream. It will make these months feel more "yay! summer!" and less "I hate everything, may God smite the sun".

It's homemade magic shell. And it requires just two ingredients: coconut oil and good chocolate.

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Coconut Oil ingredients from Food52Coconut Oil ingredients from Food52Homemade Magic Shell

Makes 1 cup

160 grams (2 small bars) good quality chocolate
100 grams coconut oil

Note: You can make as little or as much as you want; just use two parts coconut oil to three parts chocolate. Single servings made late at night are encouraged.

Magic Shell from Food52Magic Shell from Food52Magic Shell from Food52Magic Shell from Food52>>RELATED: Also magic: one-ingredient, dairy-free ice cream.

Magic Shell from Food52Magic Shell from Food52

Wait. Be patient! Don't touch your spoon until the shell has hardened -- it won't take more than a minute.

Magic Shell from Food52Magic Shell from Food52Save and print this recipe at Food52.

Photos by James Ransom