When is it inappropriate to wear a lot of makeup?

There is nothing wrong with wearing dark and bold makeup colors. Makeup can help express your uniqueness and individuality. But there are times when wearing a lot of makeup is inappropriate; sometimes you just have to settle on keeping your makeup neutral. It is important to know when it is inappropriate to wear a lot of makeup so that you can avoid potentially embarrassing situations.

Here are three situations in which you should avoid wearing bright or dark makeup colors.

Job Interview

Whether you are interviewing for an executive or receptionist position, wearing a lot of makeup is a big no-no. If you wear blue eye shadow or bright pink lipstick to a job interview, the interviewer might not take you seriously. He might concentrate on your bold makeup rather than your interviewing skills. The only time it would be okay to wear bold makeup colors to a job interview is if you are interviewing for a makeup artist position.

First Date

Please avoid wearing a ton of makeup on your first date with a guy. He will think you are trying too hard if you show up with smoky eyes. It is best to just wear some neutral eye shadow on your eyelids, a little mascara on your lashes and tinted lip balm on your lips. This way, he can see the real you and won't be distracted by your makeup.


This might seem obvious, but wearing a full face of makeup to the gym is not necessary. You will look silly wearing a ton of eye shadow, blush and lipstick when you are running on the treadmill. If you must wear makeup, stick to just tinted moisturizer and mascara. Believe me, no one at the gym will notice that you are not all made up.

Save the bright purple eye shadow and red lipstick for when you go out to the club with your girlfriends on weekends.

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