Including your pet in your wedding: Dopey or darling?

Should you include your pet in your wedding?Man's best friend might have a new role - as a best man! Pets today take on a number of different jobs from guides for the blind to living fashion accessories. (Thanks, Paris!) One thing that's for sure is that people genuinely love their four-legged friends and take great pains to include them in important life events, like weddings. Recently, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his stunning bride Priscilla Chan managed to incorporate Chan's sheepdog, Beast, into her walk down the aisle.

The Chan-Zuckerberg merger is hardly original. Rock legend and KISS frontman Gene Simmons married his longtime sweetheart Shannon Tweed with pet Snippy in tow. Snippy is a well-groomed mutt that gave the 400+ guests a little more to talk about.

Country stars Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton tied the knot alongside their three puppies, Cher, Delilah, and Delta. The tiny puppies weren't just cute; they wore their own wedding garb complete with rhinestones and leashes.

This fuzzy, friendly wedding trend isn't just for Hollywood types, regular Joes and Janes are doing it, too. So is including your pet in your wedding a dopey or darling idea?

If day-to-day life revolves around your pet or pets, the answer might be "darling!" However, making your wedding pet-friendly requires some pre-arrangements. You can't just show up with cats and dogs at some venues. Check with the minister first. Some may object to leading a ceremony with cats and dogs in attendance. Also your venue choices may be limited. Outdoor ceremonies are perfect for including a family pet.

So when is it dopey? That's a matter of taste, of course. A wedding day should be remembered because of happy memories, smiles, and tears. Tiddly type accidents and incessant barking shouldn't figure in the final wedding picture. There's no reason why you shouldn't include well-mannered, loving pets, if that's your wish.

Make your wedding plans complete by including your family's beloved pets. If done with tact, there's no reason why the family dog has to be left at home. At least for the wedding!


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