Inexpensive Memorial Day activities for kids

Due to the crowds, my family and I avoid the beaches, lakes and amusement parks on Memorial Day. Along with being crowded, it's often extremely hot. Furthermore, gas, parking and admission tickets can be expensive. Yet, since it's a three day weekend, it's important to have plenty of activities planned for the kids. Here are five, inexpensive Memorial Day activities for kids.

Patriotic Parade

Put on a parade for your neighborhood. You can post a flyer on your street and then round up the neighborhood children. Everyone can decorate their bikes in a patriotic theme. Try red, white, and blue streamers wound tightly around the wheels. Use curling ribbon and twine for handle bar streamers and little American flags on the bike baskets. Kids can also make a banner and flags. Your neighbors will appreciate your patriotism. If you don't want to partake in a parade, the children can still ride around the neighborhood displaying their bike decorations.

Pool Games

On hot days, we love to cool off in the grandparent's pool. Bring some diving toys and beach balls. You can have races, a cannon ball contest and more. A game of sharks and minnows or Marco Polo is always fun too. Of course, barbecue fare is perfect for lunch. Remember to bring plenty of sunscreen and supervise children in the pool at all times.

Thank a Veteran

Using white construction paper cut out small rectangles. Write down "Thank you for serving our country." Then, decorate the messages. Afterward, children can pass out to neighborhood veterans and those in the military.

Patriotic Lemonade Stand

Haul out a table, a tablecloth and some patriotic decorations for a Memorial Day lemonade stand. Try this lemonade recipe and then pour into a colorful pitcher. For some color, you can add a pint of pureed strawberries or raspberries into the lemonade. Hand out the lemonade for free but consider putting out a donation "tip" jar. You can donate the money to a veteran's organization like the Vietnam Veterans of America.

Red, White, and Blue Picnic

Come up with a picnic menu that is entirely red, white and blue. For red, try cherries, raspberries, strawberries and red bell peppers. For white, consider various white cheeses, jicama and cauliflower. For blue, try blueberries and blue corn chips. A sample menu might be grilled tomato and mozzarella sandwiches, red and white veggies with ranch and blueberry shortcakes with whipped cream. Use your imagination!

Enjoy your Memorial Day and remember to honor our fallen soldiers!


Prefect Lemonade

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