Inexpensive touches for a luxurious bathroom

We can't all afford to have a sunk-in tub or heated tile in the bathroom. But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy a luxurious bathroom at an affordable price. Sometimes the smallest additions can make the biggest difference, so by adding several small inexpensive touches to a room, you can really make a big impact. When decorating a bathroom of any size, use the ideas listed below to transform it into a luxurious bathroom.

Curved shower rod - Add a touch of class, and gain a little extra elbow room, with a curved shower rod. For a price of around $40 you'll feel like you have more room in the shower than ever before, and you'll give your bathroom a spacious appearance, too. These curved rods are available in a variety of finishes, so be sure to pick one that coordinates with the finish on your sink faucets and cabinet hardware for a polished look.

Shower shelves - Add extra storage space inside the shower itself with shower shelves. They're very easy to install, available at an affordable price, and offer just enough room for storing shampoo, shower gel, and other grooming necessities. Purchase the shelves in the same finish as the shower walls themselves, and add one or two in both corners to give the illusion of a solid unit.

Towels and rugs - One of the easiest ways to provide a feeling of luxury when decorating a bathroom is with plush towels and rugs. The softer and thicker they are, the better! Coordinate colors and patterns to set the theme to your new room. In a small space, plush rugs will eliminate the need to replace dated flooring, too!

Shelving - Keep glass containers filled with cotton balls, Q-tips, bath salts, and soaps, prominently displayed on glass or stainless steel shelves. Stack several of them several inches apart for a fresh look.

New cabinet hardware - Update the look of your bathroom vanity with new cabinet hardware. You'll only pay around $20 for the limited amount of knobs you'll need, but this simple addition will give your cabinets a complete facelift. Tip - When decorating a bathroom, be sure to use one main finish on everything in the room. This includes hardware, sink faucets, shower curtain rods, and accents on shelving and mirrors.

Utility hooks - Ditch your old bulky towel racks and replace them with inexpensive utility hooks. They take up less space, are visually appealing, and will actually allow you to store more towels in the bathroom than ever before. Again, remember to use the same finish on the hooks as other items in the room.

Enlarge the mirror - An oversized mirror over the bathroom vanity will help give the illusion of a larger space in your luxurious bathroom. It will also help to add visual interest, especially when it has been framed or accented in a decorative fashion.

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