Alternative Education: These Kids Don’t Go to School

Homeschooling has become more and more commonplace across the country, but have you heard of 'unschooling'? It's a form of homeschooling where the child picks everything they want to learn about, and when they'll learn it. There aren't textbooks, worksheets, or tests - there isn't even a curriculum!

Jeff Probst dedicated a show to the alternative ways that children learn, and in this clip, he talks with Dayna Martin, a mother who is unschooling all four of her children. Hear about how a tragic event inspired Dayna to do things differently, and learn how this method of education benefits her kids.

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Then, Jeff chatted with a homeschooling success story: Shanaya Fastje and her mother, Connie. Connie pulled Shanaya out of school when she was 8 years old - and already in the 9th grade! Hear how homeschooling allowed Shanaya to blossom, to the point where she's already a high school graduate… and she's only 13 years old! Check it Shanaya's story in this clip:

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