Nothing's Beyond Reach for the Woman Without Arms!

Tisha Shelton is a congenital amputee - she was born without arms, and with one leg shorter than the other. But, despite her differences, Tisha is proving she's capable of anything!

Eager to show potential employers what she's made of, Tisha made a web series called "Tisha UnArmed," where she demonstrates how she's able to do everything from drive a car to eat with chopsticks. In this clip from "The Jeff Probst Show," we see Tisha make her way through the supermarket, and Tisha shares how surprised she was when her first video went viral.

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Then, Jeff hears from Tisha's mother, Julia, who explains how she tried to instill a sense of independence in Tisha from a young age. Tisha's unflappable optimism inspired all of us at "The Jeff Probst Show," and we think it will inspire you too!

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