Jersey Shore’s Snooki destroys 4 popular dating myths

There's been a whole lot of speculation about what shall become of Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi. The tiny "Jersey Shore" star confirmed her pregnancy in March 2012, but not before rumors of her little bundle began circulating. Indeed, Snooki admitted that she'd been keeping mum for a reason. And while most of us assumed that the reason was due to her colorful reputation, we realized that she was merely superstitious. The reality star was so excited that she didn't want to jinx her good news. But as we examine Nicole's fast-paced romantic life, we realize that she's shattered some pretty significant dating and relationship myths. See if you agree…

Love doesn't always happen at first sight.

As we saw in the 3rd season of "Jersey Shore", Snooki and Jionni weren't exactly a match made in heaven. In her confessional, she even admits to hooking up with him as a "last resort." After her hook up with him, she called him the worst snuggler ever---because he doesn't know what the term "spooning" means. She then promptly kicked him out of the Smush Room and sent him on his way.

One Night Stand = True Love

Many relationship experts would agree that most one-night-stands don't result in marriage proposals and children (not necessarily in that order, of course). Snooks proved us wrong once again. Even though she has yet to drop her little bundle of joy-or exchange nuptials with her sweetie, we assume that the plans are well on their way, proving that a one night stand can evolve into something more.

Cheating doesn't spell the end of a relationship.

Snooki has made a few mistakes in her relationship with Jionni. One of those mistakes is named Vinny (with whom she had a fling). Much of this love triangle drama played out on screen. And while many guys would have called it quits after finding out about their girl's multiple indiscretions, Snooki's hunky Guido found a way to forgive her and put the whole ordeal behind them.

Party Girls Can't Be "Loved"

Society has inadvertently impressed upon us that "girls gone wild" don't exactly deserve the kind of love we covet in chick flicks. Some of us might argue that the only difference between Snooki's antics and the average party girl is the presence of a camera crew. But Nicole has proven that even women with a "reputation" are capable of meeting a stand-up guy and riding off into the sunset.

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