Katie Holmes heads to Broadway

Her first post-divorce career move

Katie Holmes chooses Broadway for her first career move post-Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes has a plan B -- that's B as in Broadway! No sitting around eating bonbons post her breakup with Tom Cruise. After "amicably settling" her divorce from the screen legend, Holmes is jump starting her formerly floundering acting career starting on the Great White Way. The slim, youthful-looking Holmes landed a comedic role in Theresa Rebeck's "Dead Accounts." No stranger to Broadway, Holmes previously played in "All My Sons."

The latest ex-Mrs. Cruise began her career in an Ang Lee filmed called, "The Ice Storm" and later in "The Romantics" but is best known for her movie role in "Batman Begins" and for her role of Joey in "Dawson's Creek." In "Batman Begins," Holmes played opposite hunky Christian Bale, who reappears in the new release, "Batman: The Dark Knight Rises."

The Cincinnati Playhouse describes Theresa Rebeck's play, "Dead Accounts" as a story centering around a character named Jack who returns home under mysterious circumstances. Holmes will play the role of Jack's serious, concerned sister. In 2008, the actress received mixed reviews for her performance in "All My Sons" but seems to have left the review jitters behind her.

High-profile, Hollywood divorces don't always end so positively; especially when you are married to someone who carries as much influence as Cruise. The 1989 split up of Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving left Irving with a $100 million but cost her a promising career.

Katie Holmes, 34, and Tom Cruise, 50, have one child together Suri. In 2011, Holmes sued Star magazine for reporting that she was addicted to drugs. Holmes received a public apology and a donation to the star's charity, Dizzy Feet Foundation.