Keep every room looking clean (even when it’s not!)

A clean home is a happy home. Isn't that how the saying goes? But what about when life is too busy to keep up with the daily housework? How can you keep a room clean when you barely have time to cook dinner? With a little pre-planning and room organization, that's how! You'll find it easier to relax in a room that's neat and tidy, and with everything in its place, members of the family will do their part to keep it looking nice.

A little room organization goes a long way in keeping a room clean, even if it's a high-traffic area. Keep in mind, an overcrowded room will look messy and emit a feeling of chaos and confusion. Thus, you can start by clearing away unused furniture and clutter piled up in the corner of the room for an instant room transformation!

Living Room - Chances are, the living room is the busiest room of your home, and the most difficult to keep clean. The kids toss their backpacks on the floor, shoes pile up beside the front door, and books, magazines, and other clutter can quickly become a big distraction. Keeping this area clean will require storage, and lots of it. Use these storage and room organization products to enjoy a clean room, no matter what.

-- Double-duty furniture provides seating and hidden storage, and is the perfect solution for keeping a room clean. Ottomans, benches, cedar chests, and so on, can be used for a comfy spot to sit while they secretly store shoes, books, photo albums, and other clutter out of the way.

-- A well-lit room is bright and uplifting, and looks cleaner than one that is dark and drab. Pull back the blinds or curtains, and clean the windows to a sparkling shine for a quick lift. This maximizes natural light and gives the illusion of a larger space.

-- Hang hooks by the front door to give the kids somewhere to hang their backpacks, umbrellas, and miscellaneous items. This keeps everything neat and in its place, and off the floor.

Bedroom - To keep every bedroom looking clean, implement these handy tips in each bedroom. That means the kids too! When you provide the vessels for simple room organization, you're giving the children an incentive to keep their rooms looking nice and neat everyday.

-- In the bedroom, there's no simpler way to keep a room clean than by making the bed. If you find that the beds don't get made due to lack of time, strip them to the bare essentials. Ditch the fluffy decorative pillows and pillow shams, and top the bed with a simple bedspread instead.

-- Each bedroom should have a container for soiled clothes. It doesn't have to be big in size, just large enough to hold clothes that would otherwise end up on the floor or in a corner. On laundry day, everyone can carry their container to the laundry room at one convenient time.

-- If you have a television in the bedroom, keep it cleverly concealed for a quick clean room fix. You'll still have easy access to it when you want to watch your favorite show, but when it's not in use, it will stay hidden and out of the way. Use our suggestions for '8 Clever Ways to Hide a Television'.

Kitchen - Because the kitchen is the second busiest room of the house, it is also a difficult area to keep clean. Clutter can quickly take over countertops, dishes pile up in the sink, and paperwork can take on a life of its own. Fortunately, there are many simple ways to keep this area clean.

-- Cabinet storage solutions will help streamline the kitchen and keep everything in its place. Pots and pans will stay neat and organized, your "junk drawer" will be a thing of the past, and, most importantly, your kitchen will always look clean. Use these 'Space Saving Cabinet Accessories' that keep your countertops and cabinets organized.

-- One of the biggest issues with the kitchen is a lack of space. If there's no where to put the things you use, the room can quickly be taken over and look messy. A quick solution is to add additional work and storage space with an inexpensive metal cart or portable pantry.

Any room can be a clean room when you put these ideas into action! Don't forget to keep a "catch-all" basket in each room for quick daily pick ups, and have each member of the family take turns vacuuming to keep the carpet looking fresh in between thorough cleanings.


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