Keep Him Content: 8 Little Things You Can Do to Make Your Relationship Harmonious

When a man loves you, keeping him happy isn't as complex as you may think. Both men and women have very basic needs, but it can be easy to get caught up in the 'comfort' zone after a while and lose track. Life goes through many phases and no matter what goes on in your life around you, it's important to keep a balanced relationship. Here are some simple ways to keep your man happy and stress-free.

1. Tell him how much you appreciate him.

Even when you're stressed or he's moody, it is very important that he knows that he still holds the title of being your number one. He may not be doing anything extraordinary to please you lately, but thank him for the little things he does make an effort to do for you. Examples would be to thank him for holding the door for you, for taking you to dinner or simply for listening to you vent about your day.

2. Show him respect.

When he is talking give him your undivided attention. Don't give him advice. Don't try to analyze a situation he may be stressed about. Simply encourage him and support his feelings, even if he isn't in the right. A lot of a man's sense of self-worth depends on how much his feelings are respected. Feelings aren't facts, so you're not necessarily telling him he is right every time, you are simply being supportive and respectful of his opinions. Giving him an open ear and non-judgmental heart is vital.

3. Stay consistent with physical affection.

Men are physical creatures and loved to be felt taken care of and nurtured. So offer him of a backrub or scalp massage after a stressful day. He will be delighted that you are so eager to provide him affection and will most likely show you the same kindness when you need it most.

4. Surprise him once in awhile.

Keep your romance alive by leaving him a little love note or planning a date night geared for something he enjoys. Another nice idea is to take his car and fill it with gas or get it washed before he leaves for work. The smallest gestures can say a lot and he will be thankful you are thinking of him.

5. Try to be open-minded.

Perhaps his favorite team is playing on a night when your girly show is on. Relationships are about give and take. Instead of griping that you don't want to watch sports, try joining him and being a good sport. Chill some beers for him and maybe even encourage him to invite his buddies. He will love the fact you are supportive of him enjoying what he loves.

6. Let the small stuff go.

Perhaps he leaves his socks on the floor every night. Maybe he doesn't remember to put the toilet seat down late at night. You can try teasing him gently or request that he doesn't do it once or twice. However, there comes a point where there are certain quirks or little habits everyone has that are a part of them. When it comes to innocent things that truly don't cause harm a relationship, there comes a point where fighting about them wastes energy. Spare the two of you the stress and let the little things go.

7. Give him space.

There will be times when he comes home and doesn't feel like talking. Don't try to drag things out of him, especially if he's stressed about things to do with money, the office or family. If he is in a bad mood, just give him space and remember to never take it personally. The last thing a stressed man needs is to have a nagging woman putting pressure on him. He will talk to you if he wishes, but not everyone deals with stress that way.

8. Fill him with positive energy when he is down.

Just like we do, men can get insecure. Whether it's about his accomplishments or appearance, try to love and remind him of what he does have that you're so proud of. Never brood with him. Always try to lift him up. Having a positive woman influence there to reaffirm his greatness when he is down is irreplaceable.