Knitting with a crochet hook -- Tunisian Crochet

Crochet enthusiasts….have you ever wondered how to knit with a crochet hook? I have seen articles on-line, magazine ads and even talked to some elderly friends that told me it was possible to knit with a crochet hook. The problem was, nobody could actually show me. Over the past few days, I actually found out that the crochet stitch that looks and feels like knitting has several names. The process is called Tunisian Crochet, Afghan Crochet, Afghan Stitching or Tricot Crochet.

Tunisian Crochet is an easy crochet stitch to complete. A special 12-inch long crochet hook is required. The crochet hooks are called Tunisian crochet hooks and have a hook or both ends or a hook on one with a stop on the opposite end. The stop is required to hold the stitches on the hook during the crochet process. Tunisian crochet hooks are sold from a size C/2/2.75mm to a size O/12mm.

The stitch is easy enough for a novice and different enough that an expert crochet enthusiast will enjoy creating new projects. Practice Tunisian Crochet with a regular crochet hook to see if you like it before purchasing the special hook.

Things You'll Need:

Size H/8/5mm crochet hook

Scrap yarn


Basic Stitch Instructions:

Step 1 - Tie a slipknot in the yarn approximately 2-inches from the end. Slide the slipknot on the crochet hook. Chain 11 stitches.

Step 2 - Start in the second chain from the hook. Insert your crochet hook in the chain, yarn over and draw up a loop. Leave the loop on the shaft of the crochet hook. Repeat the process in the remaining nine chain stitches.

Step 3 - Yarn over and pull the loop from the first loop on the shaft of the crochet hook.

Step 4 - Yarn over and pull the loop through the next two stitches. Repeat the process for the remainder of the row. One stitch will remain on the shaft of the crochet hook at the completion of the row.

Step 5 - Turn the completed row of stitching and look at the back. To crochet, you would make the stitch in the loop at the top of the row. In Tunisian Crochet, locate the vertical bar on the back of the second stitch. Slide the end of the crochet hook through the vertical bar. Yarn over and draw the loop through the bar. Keep the loop on the crochet hook shaft. Repeat the process with the remaining vertical bars.

Step 6 - Repeat Steps 3 and 4 to complete the row.

Step 7 - Repeat Step 5. The side facing you will have the top stitches of each row pointing toward you. This is the knitted side of the project. The back side will be smooth. This is considered the purl side of the knitted project.

Step 8 - Repeat the process until you are comfortable with the stitch.

Note: The long-tail cast-on stitch used for starting a knitting project may be used as the first row of stitching for Tunisian Crochet. The long-tail cast-on stitch eliminates Step 1 and 2 of the instructions.