8 Ways to Be Sexy and Classy at Work

Telemundo reporterBy Flor de Maria Rivera

The first day I showed up to work as an intern at Telemundo in San Jose, Calif., I wore a power suit. Well, for me, that meant a super mini baby blue skirt and a skin-tight blazer, along with four-inch heels. It's no wonder the news anchor still talks about my outfit, haha.

I was straight out of college back then, but once I started working as a sports anchor and reporter at Telemundo, I traded the short mini skirts for pencil skirts and a fitted blazer or sexy top. When I was in the field interviewing athletes, I opted for jeans and a nice blouse.

In the years since I left Telemundo, I've learned how to be stylish and stay within the company dress code. It was time to class up my act! Here are some tips on how to stay work appropriate and still feel like your sexy self:

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1. If your work requires you to wear a suit, make sure it's fitted and hugs you in the right places. I would go with a pencil skirt, a fitted blazer and a top. It shows you're hot stuff and you mean business.

2. If the dress code is a bit looser, you can also throw on a lace blouse with straight-leg pants and pointy heels. What can be sexier than lace? You tell me!

3. If you don't like wearing pants, wear a pencil skirt with a tucked-in blouse. Pull your hair back, and wear some pearls. Pearls can amp up your good-girl sex appeal!

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4. Try wearing a wrap dress. This kind of dress looks great on most women. Trust me on this one! You will have all the men in the office talking about you-in a good way, of course!

5. Don't limit yourself to wearing black, gray and blue. If color is not your thing, stick to just one piece in a brighter color.

6. For those hot days when you are going to be running around, wear your hair in a bun with sexy earrings.

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7. If you are feeling sexier than usual, put on red lipstick and black eyeliner.

8. Confidence is the key to everything. So, make sure you walk into the office like you own the place. I do that all the time, and it works!

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