What’s a Colombian Hot Dog?

Nothing says summer like a pool-side barbeque while enjoying an icy cold Coca-Cola and a hot dog. Only, instead of topping off your classic frank with the usual (ketchup & mustard), we've got some options to liven up your fare.

We visited La Moon Restaurant, a Miami institution for Colombian-style perros, to get the lowdown on how to incorporate some of the most unusual and outrageous toppings to get…well…a hotter dog.

VIDEO: Grilling Mexican-style

Chef German Berillos shows us exactly how to prepare three the restaurant's most popular Colombian hot dogs, which have grown in popularity thanks to the public's growing appreciation for the traditional street food. Some of the deliciously wacky toppings include melted cheese, egg and pineapple sauce!

"Instead of a hot dog, we have a superperro. Instead of potato chips, we have papas criollas, and instead of Coke, we drink Colombiana," says Chef German on the fun Colombian swap of the all-American version of hot dogs.

Watch how to make a perro Colombiano:



  • · Perro Colombiano: topped with melted cheese & five signature sauces.
  • · Choriperro: made with a spicy chorizo sausage rather than a traditional hot dog, it gets topped with mozzarella cheese & five signature sauces.
  • · Supermoon Perro: topped with chorizo, bacon, mozzarella cheese, potato sticks, quail egg & five signature sauces.

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