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  • By Liliana Moyano for Shine Latina

    Empanadas Light

    Empanadas Light

    Empanadas, pastelitos, tamales and many other types of savory pastries have been around my family for generations. Mi abuela used to make delicious soft pasteles with semi-sweet dough filled with a meat and rice mix. The only person who could replicate this deliciousness was my Nana (or nanny) who still makes them when we ask her to delight us with her culinary skills.

    A few months ago my Nana came from Colombia to visit the family, and we began celebrating our infamous Empanada Nights--an event that usually turns into an Empanada Midnights! Typically, all of our close friends and family members are invited, and while Nana and the girls cook, everyone else is impatiently waiting for their delicious empanadas. Gradually, the night turns into a laughter session remembering our childhood stories and talking about life. After hours of talking and drinking wine, we finally get to eat the pastries, which is usually well after midnight.

    This pa

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  • Cosmopolitan Magazine

    By Ariel Nagi

    So things didn't work out between you and your boo. If it ended badly, we don't blame you for wanting to be una loca and slash his tires...but don't. We have better solutions than sending your tios or hermanos to kick his butt. These will help you feel better and save the drama.

    1. Get a Makeover

    Dye your hair or get a new cut. Buy a new outfit or those kickass shoes you've been eyeing for weeks. Focusing on you and making yourself feel good will build confidence and help you not sweat the small stuff.

    2. Go on a Date with Your Girls

    Your amigas are always there, but men come and go, as we always say. Set up a spa date or go out for drinks. Studies have shown women get over breakups faster than men because we have better support systems-aka our girls.

    3. Spill it…ALL

    Talking is the best therapy. Vent to your friends, mami, or whoever you trust. Getting it all out is a huge stress reliever, and forget paying for a therapist!

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  • Getty Images

    By Ariel Nagi

    When we saw Venezuelan beauty Gaby Espino at Premios Tu Mundo, we couldn't help but admire her messy fishtail braid. We were shocked to learn how simple a celeb-inspired hairdo could be! Gaby's stylist Marcos Carrasquillo gave us a step-by-step how-to.

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    1. Wet your hair and apply a generous amount of volumizing mousse, like L'Oréal Paris EverStyle Volume Boosting Mousse.

    2. Blow-dry your hair using only your fingers to give it texture.

    3. Make a side part all the way down your head, dividing your hair into two sections.

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    4. Grab a small section of the hair from the back of the right side, and add this section to the left side by folding it over with your left hand. After you've added a strand to your left side, grab a strand from the back of the left section. Fold it over and add it to the right section. Repeat this step, alternating sides.

    5. Keep the look me

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  • Michelle Rodriguez

    Michelle Rodriguez

    When it comes to her Latin roots, Michelle Rodriguez knows exactly what she likes and what she doesn't like. To stay connected to her cultural background, the actress of Dominican and Puerto Rican heritage enjoys listening to artists from the 40's like Los Panchos, Celia Cruz and Perez Prado, as well as making the occasional trip to Latin America. But Rodriguez admits that she's been closed off from her own culture thanks to one thing: machismo.

    "I'm such an independent woman; I don't match with the mentality of the [different Hispanic] cultures," says Rodriguez of the misogynistic reputation that traditionally identifies Latinos. Nevertheless, she tells Shine Latina she plans on dedicating the next few years to exploring her heritage. "There are so many beautiful things about the various cultures," says Rodriguez.

    Watch Rodriguez speak about her love/hate relationship with Latin culture:

    The Latina, who is well-known for her strong female roles in action films, says

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  • Removing embarrassing excess facial hair doesn't have to be a chore. In this video blog, I'll show you what products you can use to banish any unseemly hair in a snap.

    Tips for hair free skin

    Tips for hair free skin

    By Charleen Gonzalez for Shine Latina

    Ready-to-use wax strips
    Traditional at-home waxing kits can get a little messy, but with bliss Poetic Waxing Wax Strips for Face you can skip the mess and easily remove facial hair. The strips come double sided with 20 strips in each box. The process is super easy; all you have to do is warm up the strips between your hands for 15-30 seconds. My little trick is to warm up the strips against a lamp for a few seconds. The wax really grips on to the hairs and quickly removes them. The bliss wax is formulated with Aloe Vera making for a more soothing experience. There's even a little bottle of post waxing oil in the box that instantly takes away any stinging you might feel afterwards. I love using the strips between my brows and upper lip area. Waxing is the longest lasting of all home

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