Authentic Latin Fare No Longer Served at Restaurants

I've found that nowadays some of the best Latin food is getting served on wheels. The best tacos in town are served at a food truck.The best tacos in town are served at a food truck.

Shine Latina went out to find out if the rumors are true- that if you are hungry for real Latin, you better stop by a food truck.

There's no doubt that the food truck rage is here to stay; from cupcakes to carnitas, there seems to be a wheeled restaurant to satisfy every possible craving.

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Looking to get some honest-to-goodness real tacos, I visited Jefe's Original Fish Taco and Burgers, one of Miami's favorite Mexican food trucks. Here's my adventure, caught on camera, at Jefe's

The line to order was long, a great sign that the food is worth the wait! The menu was just as long, but the truck owner explained what went into the items we were interested in, making my decision a bit easier. Did you see those fish tacos? I'm digging in!

Jefes - OrderingOrdering

I finally got my order. Wow! The tacos were amazing! The fish was fresh, the slaw crispy and the spicy sauce on the side was just the little touch of "fire" needed. I think I'm going back for more

Next, I ordered their taquitos. They were just what the doctor ordered: crispy, full of meat and perfect for dipping into their homemade guacamole.

Jefes - Great experienceGreat experience

I can definitely say that our taco truck venture was a resounding success. With food trucks there's no ambiance or a well-groomed troop of servers; all the passion and the effort goes into the quality and authenticity of the food.

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