Easy Hash Browns with a Chorizo Kick

By Liliana Moyano for Shine Latina

Hash browns with chorizoAs long as I can remember, Sunday barbecues have been like a religion for my family. Not only do we grill the usual steaks and sausages, but we also cook lots of side dishes to enjoy with the meat. Typically, we make rice, tostones, guacamole and yucca, but the one item that we never miss is papa salada. It's basically unpeeled, boiled potatoes which get salted right after removing them from the water.

Usually we have leftover papa salada and chorizo, which then becomes the perfect Monday breakfast. My mom found a way of using these two ingredients in a delicious chorizo hash brown dish; she shreds the cold potatoes, and then adds chorizo to the mix. The chorizo adds salt and just enough spiciness to the potatoes. ¡Es perfecto!

Chopped chorizoIngredients
(1 serving)
1 chorizo, chopped
2 potatoes, unpeeled and cooked
Cilantro sprigs

Serve this recipe with my avocado breakfast salad for brunch


Shred the potatoes (while still cold from the refrigerator) hash brown-style. Place the chopped chorizo in a Mixing the hash browns with the chorizo sausagepan at medium heat, and cook for 6 minutes (If using leftover chorizo, it's only necessary to warm through). Add the shredded potatoes, and coat them well with the oil rendered by the chorizo. Cook the potato and chorizo mix for 5 minutes or until it reaches a golden color. Serve and top with cilantro sprigs.

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