EXCLUSIVE: Baby Name Predictions for 2013

From royals to beloved Latin stars, find out the inspiration behind the baby names that are expected to skyrocket this year.

Top Baby NamesHispanic moms-to-be searching for that special baby name will be looking to royal figures, Brazilian supermodels and Latin entertainers for inspiration in 2013, according to BabyCenter® en Español who spoke with us exclusively on what they feel will be the big-name players of the year.

The parenting site predicts that if Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William have a baby girl, they will likely name her Victoria Elizabeth. Victoria is currently in the top 10 and could become even more popular this year, along with Elizabeth (now ranked 79 in BabyCenter's list of girls' names).

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Several Brazilian supermodels became mothers last year, making way for their own names to become highly coveted picks. According to the website, their babies' names will have an impact on the selections for 2013: Noah (son of Alessandra Ambrosio), Sienna (daughter of Adriana Lima) and Vivian (daughter of Gisele Bündchen).

Juan is used most in compound names such as Juan Ignacio, Juan Esteban and Juan José, but the baby name ranking site believes that Luis could replace Juan as the favorite for soon enough. Names like Luis Alejandro, Luis Ángel, Luis Eduardo, Luis Enrique, Luis Felipe and Luis Fernando are rapidly gaining in recognition.

Other predictions for the girls stem from recently deceased Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera, including the names Jenny or Janney.

Looking backJuanes on the year of telenovelas, Twilights and troubadours

The 2012 trends show that Latino parents looked beyond telenovelas for baby-name inspiration, to darker, more mysterious stories such as vampire tales. Names like Damián, Marcos and Fernanda- some of last year's popular soap opera characters- broke back into the top 100, while Twilight-inspired names like Isabella (Bella), Victoria and Alicia remain strong in the top 20.

Many Latino parents named their child after Colombian rock singer Juanes who made a strong comeback with his most recent album, Juanes MTV Unplugged, which won the 2012 Latin Grammy for Album of the Year. The singer's two names, Juan and Esteban, skyrocketed in popularity on the list of top 100 boys' names. Esteban shot up especially quickly, moving 48 places to land at number 45. Juan advanced 26 places to spot 52.

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