VIDEO: The Experts’ Secrets Behind Creating Makeup Trends

Shine Latina met with L'Oreal Paris' color designer to discover the inspiration behind perfect makeup colors and how to achieve red carpet looks.

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A good foundation

A perfect and flawless makeup look starts with the base, according to L'Oreal Paris' color designer and "makeup anthropologist", Orrea Light. She suggests Latinas choose their foundation correctly by taking their skin's undertones into account. "Cooler tones could go gray and may look a little white on [olive]," says Light. The expert's secret for finding the perfect foundation is testing on the jawline, avoiding the neck because it's lighter than the face.

Lively colors for Latinas
For Light, inspiration behind developing the perfect colors or trends stems from everywhere, including the art and automobile industry. "If I see a beautiful Bentley, I'll call the manufacturer and say 'We need that color for a nail polish!'" says Light of the colors reflected in makeup lines. Whether it's a night for bold, red lips, or sexy nude shades, Light advises opting for warmer tones when picking a lipstick color. For the perfect red, look for a "cleaner" red shade or an orange-red. For a darker Bordeaux, aim for brick colors that are also orange-based. And for a perfect nude lip, go with a yellow-based pink or honey-toned shade to avoid looking pasty.

Get all the makeup tips from the experts:

Keeping lipstick in its place
Once you're got the right shade, make it last through the night with these fool-proof secrets:
1. Apply your first coat of lipstick.
2. Take a tissue, and put it on your lips.
3. Dip a big, fluffy brush in translucent powder, and blot on top of the tissue.
4. Take the tissue off, and apply more lipstick. It will stay put all night long!

Balancing the look
Whether it's the eyes or the lips, L'Oreal Paris' beauty expert recommends that women choose one area to emphasize. "Focus on one outstanding area, and play down the rest of your makeup look. You don't need a lot of color everywhere," says Light of balancing bold makeup.

Smoky eye: If you're doing a smoky eye, do a big lash as well, with a manicured eyebrow. Then, do a lip in a more subtle color or just with gloss.

Red lip: If you want to rock a bold, red lip, then do a more subtle eye. A liquid liner finished up with a wing tip is a very cool look right now.

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