La La Anthony: Changing the Face (and Make-up) of Latinas, Every Woman

La La Anthony, actress, reality star of "La La's Full Court Life" and better half of NBA's Carmelo Anthony, has partnered with Loren Ridinger to bring women of all ethnicities a make-up collection that promises to compliment each skin tone. The line, called "Motives for La La", features an expanded offering of foundation particularly for Latina and African-American women with more olive, green and/or yellow undertones.

"I want them to get out of putting on cakey make-up…I want them to feel good knowing that sometimes less is more," says La La of what she hopes to accomplish for women, assuring that she has not compromised beauty for coverage. "Less powder [means] less creases…it's good to have a natural skin glow," adds Loren.

La La, whose maiden name is Vazquez and is of Puerto Rican descent, says she still battles against pre-conceived notions of what a Latina is expected to look like. "We [Latinas] are of all different shades and all different complexions. And I'm proud of who I am," says the new cosmetic entrepreneur.

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