The Latest in Nail “lingerie”

Shine Latina sat with L'Oreal Paris' Consulting Nail Arist Tom Bachik to get the latest on nail trends.

Nail colors straight from the runwaysL'Oreal Paris' Tom Bachik, who is inspired by the colors and designs of the high fashion runways, gets to see trends before they reach the public. "I do a lot of photo shoots, and I see what's been pulled for this shoot, and what celebrities like what," says the nail artist who gets to see what people will be wearing months before.

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Lately, the trend is mixing colors and textures, which is now made easy with L'Oreal Paris' newly launched Nail Lingerie. "It's a simple way to create a three dimensional look at home [which] everyone can do it without making a mistake," says Bachik. For an elegant and contemporary manicure, the nail expert suggests applying a nude or white base to nails, and affixing a piece of their fishnet designs on top.

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Beautiful nails should always start with regular care, according to the expert, who finds that the best way to avoid chipping and breaking is having routine mani-pedis. As for color choices, there's no need to match hands and feet. He suggests playing it off by trying to achieve balance between the two. For example, bold nail colors are great for the feet while keeping hands nude with a touch of sparkle. "[For Latinas] it's all about the sparkle. Sparkle makes everyone smile."

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