How to Meet Hot Men

By Michelle Herrera Mulligan

You walk into a bar, you see a bunch of dudes, and you….a) leave immediately, everyone looks a loser b) see a few prospects, but would rather just catch up with friends or c) Chat with everyone who looks employed, hey, you never know… If you answered a or b, you fit into the majority of mujeres we know. We get it. It's easy to get burned out on barside coquetones, after all, they're used to running their game on every hot chica they see, no? That's why you need to take control. Here's how to be the big player yourself, taking charge of how to meet the best man in any situation, no PUA lingo required.

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If you're at the bar/club...

We recommend: Go for a lounge or neighborhood spot, much more likely to weed out the douche factor
The approach

1. See a muscly hottie who actually seems smart? Send him two drinks (one for you and one for him). It's sure to be cute conversation starter.
2. Can't get a word in edgewise with the sexy dude surrounded by his boys? Interrupt him for a minute to introduce yourself, then, as our guy blogger, Eduardo, advises, saying, "Hey, you seem fun, if you want to talk later, I'll be chillin' with my girls over here for another hour or so."

If you're at a professional networking event

We recommend: Here at CFL, we advise going to as many networking events as possible, especially if they're coed! For example, The Chicago Latino Network includes more than 50,000 people (including plenty of guapos in hot power suits), and the Latino Professional Network has regular events that attract up to 1500 people!
The approach:

1. Stand around the free drink line without actually ordering anything, you'll look casual and relaxed, like your not just there to suck down a few and race off to the next thing….then Stand next to the cutest guy and introduce yourself. Then give him a chance to order your drink for you!
2. Ask him what he wants professionally before you ask what he does..will lead to a much better conversation!

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The softball team, the running club, or the futbol field

We recommend: Join a casual group or sport. Men love women who not only get sports, but love to participate, it means if you do get together, their weekends won't be filled with brunch with friends or boring Netflix rentals.
The approach:

1. Ask him to grab a bite or a drink after practice…then pay for his. He'll love that you took the initiative, and it will show him quick that you're not just trying to be friends
2. Ask for help. Tell him your struggling with your swing, your kick, or whatever, and see if he offers to give you a little one on one field time, even if there's no chemistry, at least you'll get a private viewing of his hot, sweaty, man-butt action.

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