Nails to Die For: Zombie Inspired Nail Art

Latin YouTube personality Alba Mayo teaches us how to create a manicure look inspired by the film "Warm Bodies", a comedic look at the fantasy films viewers are currently obsessing over.

Zombie-glam nailsInspired by the upcoming, lighthearted movie "Warm Bodies", about a zombie who finds love, Alba Mayo has dedicated her latest video tutorial to creating a glamorous nail design that's actually quite easy to create. All you'll need is your favorite polish in shades of red and gray, as well as silver glitter and some clear tape. Follow her instructions below, and voilà, you'll have nails to die for.

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Check out Mayo's step-by-step tutorial on how to get "zombie" nails:

1. With a piece of tape, cover half of each nail diagonally.
2. Apply at least three coats of red polish to the uncovered half of the nail. Using a more opaque or matte shade will work great with this design.
3. After removing the tape, apply three coats of gray nail polish to the other half.
4. Finish by applying silver glitter polish over the gray side.

"Warm Bodies" hits theaters February 1st.

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