Pilates and Pizza: The Secrets Behind Daisy Fuentes' Body

The Cuban-American model and TV host talks about her dedication to Pilates, her love for pizza and her new reality show focused on raising health awareness in the Hispanic community.Daisy FuentesDaisy Fuentes

By: Liliana Moyano for Shine Latina

Daisy Fuentes has been a longtime symbol of health and fitness. At 46, this Latina looks stunning and more in shape than ever. It's no surprise, then, that her new show, Empuj3, serves as a vehicle to spread the fitness gospel among young Hispanics suffering from obesity and health problems. The program pairs young men with FC Barcelona player Gerard Piqué, Olympic gold medalist Henry Cejudo and celeb personal trainer Ary Nuñez to help them achieve personal fitness goals and ultimately a healthier lifestyle.

Yahoo: On Empuj3 we will see you hosting a very emotional show dealing with a delicate and sensitive subject. Tell us about this new project.

Daisy: Being healthy means everything. The show Empuj3 joins together a group of young adults with three internationally recognized professional athletes- Gerard Piqué, Ary Nuñez and Henry Cejudo- who guide them and inspire them through the process of improving their lifestyle. As we follow them and show their stories, we want the viewer to learn from their experience, and get inspired to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Yahoo: The show focuses on people with obesity, but it also attempts to evaluate the health status of young adults who are not necessarily overweight, but rather lack healthy eating habits and a fitness routine. Which problem do you think is more of a threat?

Daisy: The lack of healthy eating habits is an issue we need to tackle right away. Thin doesn't necessarily mean healthy. Bad nutrition may lead to the development of disease. I understand that it's extremely difficult to lose weight and change our eating habits. The statistics are frightening, especially in the Hispanic community.

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Yahoo: Do you think that the obesity issue among Hispanics has anything to do with the nutritional assimilation they go through in this country? Is it a cultural issue?

Daisy: Yes, it is definitely a cultural issue, but it is more of an economic issue added to a lack of education about the matter. This is something we need to address immediately.

Yahoo: While you encourage others to achieve their health and fitness goals, what is your personal routine to stay fit?

Daisy: I definitely maintain a healthy diet, and also workout almost every day. Pilates is certainly my favorite exercise.

Yahoo: Being Latina, there has to be a sinful meal that you must have. What are some items you have to have once in a while?

Daisy: I don't think of them as sinful meals. I love simple, natural and organic food. I eat and crave everything from salad to a pizza slice. I have everything in moderation, and try to consume small portions. But, I definitely have a hard time saying no to a good pizza. I also love to cook at home, but I don't over eat, and to my advantage, I am not a big fan of sweets.

Yahoo: In this country, Latinos work long days, sometimes weekends, and usually hold more than one job. This situation results in poor sleep, unhealthy eating and a lack of a fitness routine. How can they achieve a healthier balance while working long hours?

Daisy: The most important thing is to identify priorities and understand that without health there's nothing left. If we achieve better health, we will have more energy to do what we please. This is why having a workout routine should be a priority. We need to make time for the real important things that will affect our entire lifestyle.

Empuj3 airs every Sunday at 11a.m. on the bilingual/bicultural network, Tr3s.

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