Pop Star Thalía Talks Playdates, Balancing Mexican-American Household

ThalíaThalíaShine Latina sat with Mexican pop star Thalía to discover how she's able to blend her music and heritage in her children's lives.

For Mexican pop star and former telenovela star Thalía, raising a bi-cultural family in the US is a balancing act. "I always wanted my kids to preserve the love for their country," says the singer, wife of music executive Tommy Mottola and mother of two of who is intent on having her children maintain ties to their Mexican heritage.

And while the Mottolas are sure to enjoy their taquitos and pozole, it's the tradition of Latin music that Thalía feels most passionate about. "What else could be better than [preserving traditions] through music? That is my first passion," says Thalía who has joined forces with Pampers to launch the "Mi música, mi herencia" campaign. Its ultimate goal: to encourage parents to continue passing on their country's songs and lullabies to their kids, ensuring the musical heritage is enjoyed by future generations.

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So, what is it like to be married to mogul Mottola and live in a Mexican-American household? "It's funny…it's like I Love Lucy in my house," says the singer with a big smile. "We have a very successful marriage-14 years together-because we don't understand each other!"

But while she cherishes her home in the US, relating to other moms and kids has been a bit awkward at times. "It's a challenge living here in the United States and being a Mexican mom," says the Latina who is still trying to understand the concept behind scheduled playdates, when in Mexico all she has to do is show up at a friend's house kids in tow. "That's something that's a little weird [for] me to understand. But, hey, I'm living in this country; I have to respect the rules."

The culture clash isn't a bad thing, though, as Thalía insists she's growing up American with her kids. "Ahorita, mi bebé está con el Itsy, bitsy spider que no me la sé-I don't know the whole song! He knows it better than I do!"

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