Pregnancy Tips for Mothers in Any Trimester

From which side a pregnant mom should sleep on to foods to avoid, Shine Latina spoke with Isidra Mencos, Editorial Director of Baby Center en Español, to get the best tips for mothers-to-be.

This is an emotional time, full of both excitement and anxiety, especially for new moms. "It's a new experience. [New moms] want to know everything," says Isidra Mencos, who also sees this as the time when mothers are the most engaged in finding out every bit of information about the new baby. From the onset of fatigue and morning sickness, to the happiness and excitement of the new pregnancy, mothers have a lot to take in during this fragile time of their term, according to the pregnancy expert. This is also the time to rest as much as possible, and get prenatal care early on, especially if there's a history of diabetes in the family.

Early pregnancy advice: Keep an eye on food and drink
Here's some of Mencos' best advice for moms-to-be when it comes to what to consume during the first trimester:

-Avoid caffeine: Stay away from espressos and heavily caffeinated drinks, especially during this time. If you must have coffee, limit your intake to no more than one latte or café con leche per day.
-Avoid herbal teas: Latinas love their medicinal teas, but forget that many of the herbal infusions they enjoy are not recommended during pregnancy. Even something as common as chamomile tea (té de manzanilla) or yerba mate could affect the gestation process. Check with your doctor to see what natural remedies or teas are allowed during your term.
-Avoid raw foods: Pregnancy, and especially in the first trimester, is the right time to avoid eating raw fish, meats or eggs, due to the danger of contracting salmonella or listeriosis. Latinas should stay away from eating raw favorites like ceviche, as the citrus that "cooks" the meat does not completely rid the fish of contaminants or bacteria.
-Take prenatal vitamins: Prenatal vitamins contain folic acid, essential in the prevention of birth defects.

This is probably the most enjoyable period of a woman's pregnancy, according to Mencos. "By now you probably won't miscarry, your hormones have stabilized, your regular energy returns and morning sickness is gone," says the expert, who suggests women go ahead and announce their baby news, and enjoy wearing those maternity clothes as they start to show their baby bump.

Jessica SimpsonMid-pregnancy advice: Plan and have a ball!
-Take a vacation or have a "baby-moon": This is the perfect moment to get away with your partner or your family to enjoy time off together.
-Get your baby registry ready: Find out what you will need for the nursery and your new bebé, and register at your favorite baby store.
-Start a regular exercise program: Whether it's walking outdoors or swimming at a nearby pool, find ways to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine. Exercise will provide you with extra energy and get your body ready for birth. Stay away from strenuous activities like skiing or contact sports.
-Work or stay at home? Discuss whether you'll continue working or stay at home after the baby arrives with your partner. If the decision is to continue to work, then you'll need to investigate options regarding daycare. Begin by calling recommended baby care centers in your area, or speak to the friend or family member you'd like to have help.
-Enroll in prenatal classes: These get filled quickly, so contact nearby hospitals or prenatal agencies to get registered as soon as possible.
-Sleep on your left side: This is the best side to allow for circulation to flow freely once the belly gets noticeably larger. Sleeping on your back at this point can put pressure on leg veins.
-Visit the dentist: During pregnancy there's a lot more blood circulation and gums tend to bleed, so get a good cleaning and have your gums checked.

Shakira welcomes baby boy

This is the period of the pronounced, "no doubt I'm pregnant" belly. The expectant mom gets bigger all around and more tired. There are new worries about what the birth will be like in terms of pain and process, as the reality of the baby's arrival sets in.

ShakiraLate-pregnancy advice: It's final, decision-making time
-Make a birth plan: Find out all you can about how you would like to give birth (naturally, with an epidural, doulas, etc) and all the services that will be available to you during your time at the hospital. Then, write down what you would like your baby's birth to be like. Include your preference of who you'd like to have in the room during labor and delivery.
-Be flexible: Even the best laid out plans can come to naught when the unexpected happens, especially when giving birth. A natural birth could become a last minute c-section, so it's important to start thinking about being ok with the birthing process, no matter the outcome. Your health and your baby's should be your top priority.
-Get informed about breast feeding: Plan on having a lactating consultant come to visit after the baby arrives if planning on breast feeding. She will provide you with practical information, from how to hold the baby to getting it to latch correctly.
-Prepare your hospital bag: Make sure to include clothes and toiletries for both mom and baby.
-Choose a baby name: Sit down with your partner or family, and enjoy spending time going through all the name possibilities.
-And, yes, it's ok to have sex: Actually, it's perfectly fine for the couple to continue sexual relations throughout the nine months of pregnancy, unless there are other medical factors involved.

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