Tips for Getting Better Glutes

As adapted from Gabrimar Lascurain for Yahoo! Mujer

JLo and Cameron Diaz show off their assets at the Oscars.I have some bad news which some of you might already know, and some of you might not want to accept: there's no such thing as getting in shape in one or two months. Sorry, but nothing related to fitness happens at the speed of light, as if by magic or with miraculous equipment. It requires a lot of effort, discipline, dedication, self-awareness and will.

Let's talk about those of you who want to get a great butt in a couple of months or less, and let's begin with the actual anatomy of the area. The gluteal muscles are divided into the gluteus maximus muscle, gluteus medius muscle and gluteus minimus muscle. Therefore, there's no such thing as merely working out your glutes. You have to do three different exercises to work on those three muscles at the same time.

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Having nice glutes requires hard work, but it is possible to attain. I can't promise you'll see results for the first couple of months, but you may notice some progress on the third. The best advice to get results is to do squats with weights, with your legs close together, with your legs wide apart, with dumbbells and many other ways. You can also try to do a squat, hold that position for 10 seconds each time and then repeat.


Another way to work on the glutes is to do lunges, and you can even add some weights. If you decide to try that, just pay attention to the way you hold the weights. Remember, you have to use the abs too, in order to keep your back straight, and focus on controlling the body to keep your center.


Stair climbing also helps to work out your glutes; if you opt for this activity, remember that the higher the step, the better the outcome. Obviously, you won't find high steps everywhere you go, but you can try to climb taking two steps at a time to make a bigger effort. Remember to lean your hips to the front, but don't lean your body forward. Keep your shoulders aligned with your hips to maximize the motion. Flex your belly to protect your spine and work your abdominal muscles.

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You should do these exercises at least three times a week for an hour if you want to achieve a great derriere a la Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Alba. It may not be fun or easy, but having healthy and strong glutes will also benefit your back by strengthening and aligning your spine. So, take control and start moving!

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