VIDEO: Celebs You Didn't Know Were Bilingual

We know them for playing many roles on-screen, but turns out they also speak many languages. Whether they're foreign actors who master the English language for film or Americans we thought were just monolingual, find out which celebrities are linguistically talented when it comes to foreign tongues.

Academy Award winner Benicio del Toro answers questions in his native Spanish during a press conference for his movie "Wolfman". It surprised us how soft spoken the Boricua actor (who's better known for his rough characters) becomes when he's off the movie set.

Movie heartthrob Bradley Cooper speaks perfect French during a TV interview to promote his movie, "The Hangover". Cooper, who speaks the language fluently, spent time as an exchange student in Aix-en-Provence.

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Coldplay front man and Gwyneth Paltrow's other half, Chris Martin, speaks French during an awards show, doing a pretty good job at speaking the "langue" of Napoleon. Martin's wife doesn't fall behind either, speaking fluent Spanish.

American actress Eva Longoria is proud of her Mexican heritage and will proudly speak Spanish whenever the situation requires it. While her knowledge of the language may be limited, she doesn't back down and shows no fear. Represent!

Cuban-American Eva Mendes is approached by the foreign press while walking the red carpet and graciously answers in Spanish to the reporter's questions. ¡Bravo!

Before joining the NBA, Kobe Bryant spent years playing professional basketball in Italy where he learned to speak the language. Here he is speaking Italian to a team member.

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American actress Natalie Portman considers Hebrew as much her native language as English, having been born in Israel. This talented actress can also speak German, Japanese and Spanish fluently. Here she is in an interview with the Israeli press promoting her movie "V for Vendetta".

Penélope Cruz, who is better known in this country for her award-winning performance in Vicky Christina Barcelona and a number of English-speaking roles, is rarely seen in the US speaking Spanish, her native language. Here she is in Madrid speaking with the press on the Goya Awards' red carpet.

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Multi-talented Shakira speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Arabic. She can even sing "La Marseillaise" from memory!

Danish-American movie star Viggo Mortensen speaks Spanish with the same fluency of an Argentinean. We're impressed!

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