VIDEO: The Fruity Beauty Product that Will Hide Dark Circles

Can't wait to share some of my favorite, new beauty products of the moment. My findings include awesome beauty tools, a super flawless base and a cool kit for DIY nails. See what else I got below!

By Charleen Gonzalez for Shine Latina

"Naked" looking skin
Looking for a mask-like foundation? Then Urban Decay's new Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup isn't for you! Naked Skin boasts an ultra lightweight feeling formula that keeps your skin looking flawless all day long. The demi-matte finish is the perfect balance between flat matte and ultra shiny for those who want a fresh and natural look. Naked Skin also includes good-for-you ingredients like Matrixly 3000 which increases the elasticity of the skin, green tea and vitamin E to help fight free radicals, and Litchiderm to hydrate and make your skin look radiant. This medium coverage foundation is sure to be your next must-wear beauty product!

Creaseless concealer
Ever applied concealer to your under eye area and immediately experienced creasing after an hour of wear? Well, with Tarte's new Maracuja Creaseless Waterproof Concealer you will never have to worry about creasing again! The velvety full coverage of this concealer hides the darkest of under eye circles, as well as any blemishes or hyper-pigmentation. The clinch: it conceals without creasing all day. This Maracuja (or passion fruit) oil-infused product also helps hydrate areas that need it, as well as even out any overly oily areas. The concealer also includes many skin-improving ingredients like vitamin C and E, all the while keeping out harsh parabens and mineral oil out of the formula. Great for sensitive skin types and those who prefer to shop cruelty-free products.

Watch my video to take a closer look at these hot beauty products:

VIDEO: Hottest Beauty Products Right Now

Reusable makeup sponge
The cosmetic wedge sponges you might buy at a drugstore are not only harmful to the environment (especially since they can only be used once), but they also soak up any product you use them with. And at the end, they are not the best tool for applying foundation flawlessly either. I highly recommend investing in a Beauty Blender Sponge which can be cleaned and reused for months. The elliptical shape allows for the sponge to fit perfectly in your hand and for accurate liquid makeup application. The rounded bottom allows for expert dabbing and blending of foundation, while the pointed tip allows for easy access to areas of the face that are hard to reach, like around the nose area.

DIY gel nails
Getting your nails done every couple of weeks at a manicurist can be quite expensive, but being on a budget doesn't mean you can't have fabulous nails! I love using Red Carpet Beauty's Pro Starter Kit to give myself beautiful gel nails that last for up to two weeks. The kit contains all the necessary things you need to create gel nails, including a professional LED light necessary for curing the nails, and a bonus LED gel red polish. The process takes around 30 minutes (not much longer than applying regular nail polish), and the results are longer lasting. The steps are easily outlined in the kit and are truly fool-proof.

Neat and portable blush, bronzer and highlighter
I can't tell you how many times I've been out and about and noticed that my blush or bronzer has faded, making me wish I had brought something to touch up with. With the Mai Couture beauty papiers you can easily and hygienically apply blush, bronzer and highlighter to the face without the need of compacts or brushes. If you need a blush refresher, just tear a sheet of the Blush Papier, and dab it on the cheeks. A little goes a long way as the papiers are highly pigmented. Just using half of a sheet will work for both cheeks. There are even two-in-one bronzer/blotting papiers which work to add bronzer to the face and reduce any shine. The packs fit easily into my purse and are really a must have for me when I go out.

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