VIDEO: Latin Popstar Reveals Her Makeup Secrets

Mexican pop/rock artist Paty Cantú is well known for her musical talent, but who knew she's skilled as herPaty CantúPaty Cantúown makeup artist as well? Shine Latina sat down with the singer to get her tips for a rockin' look.

Paty Cantú, who was born in Texas but grew up in Guadalajara Mexico, started performing at age 16. Since there usually wasn't anyone available to prep her makeup before hitting the stage early on in her career, she learned how to do it herself. Today, most can't tell she's her own makeup artist. "Even if you do your own makeup, it shouldn't look like you did it," says Cantú.

This multi-talented Latina follows a couple of beauty secrets, including a balance between the eyes and the lips. Cantú says that one of the first things she learned about makeup is playing up the drama, but keeping it in focus: "If you're going to go heavy on the eyes, don't go heavy on the lips," says the artist. She then decides what area of her face to intensify,."I go as simple as I can, and emphasize the part of my face I think it's better," says Cantú who advises focusing on your best facial features, which for the singer include her eyelashes.

Check out Paty's tips for getting rockin', glam makeup at home:

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This is how the Mexican singer creates a striking, yet simple, makeup look:

- Apply black or brown eyeliner on the top lid.
- Apply brown shadow lightly on the lid.
- Take a pair of eyelash curlers, and press your lashes tight.
- Apply a first coat of mascara.
- Then, apply a light foundation to the face. (She suggests foregoing foundation altogether if you're having "a good skin day".)
- Apply more mascara, and prep your eyebrows.
- Finish up with blush and a tinted lip gloss

To maintain her look fresh all day long, Cantú keeps four essentials in her purse: a little compact with powder and a mirror, her favorite lip gloss, mascara and black eyeliner.

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