VIDEO: Let it Snow with Easy, Holiday-themed Nails

Learn how to give your manicure a festive touch with snowflakes and snowmen in this nail art video tutorial.

By Charleen Gonzalez for Shine Latina

Making a snowman designMaking a snowman design I love doing nail art during the holidays, because it's an easy way to get yourself ready for the season. Doing nail art doesn't have to be difficult as long as you have the right tools and patience! I decided to do a little muñeco de nieve (snowman) and some copitos de nieve (snowflakes) to give my manicure a really festive touch. These designs are lighthearted, fun, and are sure to get you noticed. So go ahead and "deck your nails"!

The nail polishes I used are from Nails Inc. and are sold at Sephora.

Creating the snowman
Step 1
Apply a base coat to protect your natural nail; I use Nails Inc. Caviar Base Coat. Then, paint your nails blue (or any other color besides white). I particularly like Nails Inc. in Baker Street. Make sure the color is opaque and evenly painted.

Step 2
Paint the tip of your nail with a white nail polish like Nails Inc. in Floral Street*, much like you would for a french manicure (it doesn't have to be perfect). Then, paint little, white dots randomly on the nail that will act as falling snow. You can use a toothpick dipped in white polish in order to create the best dots.

Follow these steps to create a winter wonderland mani:

Step 3
You're going to need a very thin nail art brush in order to draw the rest of the snowman; you can find one at your local craft store in the paint brush section.

Dab some of the white polish on a piece of paper, and dip the tip of your brush in it. Draw a small white semi-circle on top of the painted tip you just created. This is the base of the snowman. Then, simply paint two other circles on top of the bottom one. The top circle is the head of the snowman, so make sure it's smaller than the bottom circles.

Step 4
Now you'll want to decorate the snowman. I chose to give him a red scarf using my Nails Inc. polish in St. James. Just paint a thin red line under the head and a little tail coming out from under it. I also gave him a cute carrot nose using an orange polish by Nails Inc called Porchester Place*. With a toothpick dipped into black polish (like Nails Inc Taxi Cab*), dot on eyes and a mouth. I also added four black buttons under the scarf. Lastly, paint on some arms/branches coming out from the sides of the snowman with the black polish and nail art brush.

Step 5
Wait until your designs are mostly dry before you apply your top coat so you don't smudge the design. My favorite is Nails Inc. Kensington Top Coat which will dry the layers of polish in minutes.

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Painting snowflakes

Step 1
Apply base coat, and paint nails blue or another color besides white.

Step 2
Dip the nail art brush into a white polish, and create a small cross on your nails. Then, draw lines going through the cross making a little snowflake.

Step 3
Place a nail art rhinestone in the center of each snowflake for some sparkle.

Step 4
Apply a top coat to seal in the design, and help the rhinestones adhere to the nail better.

*This color is only available at your local Sephora store.

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