VIDEO: Tricks to Perfecting a Cat Eye

Easy tricks to get a cat eyeOur beauty blogger has two very interesting tips for getting a perfect, winged eye liner look. All you'll need is some...tape and business cards? Check it out!

Keys to a perfect winged liner.Learn how to get the perfect, winged liquid liner with these easy tricks.

By Charleen Gonzalez for Shine Latina

Creating the perfect, winged liner can be quite a task, and liquid liner is notorious for being tricky to use. With that being said, a sexy cat eye for a night out is the perfect accessory to any outfit, and my tricks will allow you to create one in minutes. Those with a steady hand have the easiest time painting this retro look, but don't fret if you tend to be a little shaky. Instead of free-handing, I you can either use some tape or a business card to achieve the style. Both tools act as a stencil for the outer part of the wing so that you get a perfect angle every time; I'll show you how! 
Secrets to a perfect cat eye:

Tape Method

In my opinion, this is the easiest way to get do a cat eye style. All you need is tape and your favorite liquid liner. I use Shiseido Automatic Fine Eyeliner for extra precision and ease of application. First, take a piece of tape, and apply it to the back of your hand so it isn't as sticky when you apply it near the eyes. Then, place the tape from the outer corner of the eye towards the end of the eyebrow at an angle. Use your liquid liner to paint a line from the edge of the tape and connect the line to the lid to make a small triangle. You can make the line as long as you'd like. Fill in the triangle, and line the rest of the eye. It works best to make small strokes with the liner rather than drawing a long, continuous line. When you're done, peel the tape off and...presto! A perfectly, winged liner.

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Business Card Method

This trick is good for when you are short on time or don't feel comfortable using tape around the eyes. Take any business card, and angle it from the outer corner of the eye towards the end of the eyebrow. Use the card as a stencil to help you make a straight line for the outer part of the wing. One you have created the wing, you can take off the business card and finish creating the rest of the line. If you have made any mistakes on the wing, simply clean up the line with a makeup wipe.

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