William Levy Dishes on His Past and Future

William Levy has been the body behind many a steamy novela scene, but the "Brad Pitt of Mexico" is now lending his face to a Pepsi NEXT campaign featuring new tropical flavors like Paradise Mango and Cherry Vanilla, targeting Latinos and calorie-conscious consumers.

"Mango has a past with me," says Levy of his favorite of the two new offerings. "I used to steal mangos all the time from my neighbors in Cuba." It was only a matter time before the endorsement deals starting pouring in for this Cuban-born actor who has a built up a loyal following in Latin America and most recently in the US after a stint on "Dancing with the Stars".

Photos: Levy's sexy dancing style

With the continued exposure, Levy is rapidly becoming a recognized name for housewives and abuelas alike. And he appreciates the love, regardless of where it's coming from.

Levy talks attention from the ladies:

As for his fit physique, Levy assures his time as a father keeps him in shape.

"I have two babies…that's good enough," says Levy regarding his exercise routine in addition to the gym.

For this Latino, a crossover into the English-speaking market is just the beginning. "I always dreamed to be working in the American market," says Levy as he gears up for his first leading role in a feature film shooting in September.

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