Life after a breakup: Reasons to block your ex on social media

After a breakup, it's unlikely that we block our exes from having access to our lives via social media even though we've cut the relationship ties. It's as if we have some perverse need to keep them in our lives in some way or, at the very least, show them that we can move on and be without them. Despite our strange habit of doing this, there are several reasons why it's time to let go and block your ex on social media.

Reminders will eat away at you

You'll constantly see posts and pictures that are only going to serve as reminders of what the two of you had. You'll be seeing his face on a daily basis and multiple times per day depending on how often he posts. What good is that going to do? Absolutely nothing. You have to keep pushing forward and all those reminders are going to do is drag you back.

It'll keep you attached for longer

It's no surprise that having access to your ex via social media is going to keep you hooked on him. When you don't have his presence thrown in your face on a daily basis, it's much easier to move on. You could try blocking him in certain ways to try to avoid him, but let's be honest, you're still going to check his profile page more often than you would like to admit. The longer you have him in your life in some form, even if it's just via social media, the longer it's going to take to get over him. The little-to-no contact approach works best for helping you get over him as soon as possible.

It'll increase your chances of making bad decisions

The one problem with having access to your ex via social media is that you can message, post or tweet to him in a matter of seconds. All it takes is a brief moment of weakness for you to send a (probably alcohol-fueled) rambling message to him about how the two of you belong together and you miss and love him and how the whole break up was a mistake. It's even worse if you suggest just spending "one more night" together.

You'll avoid drama

Even the most calm individuals are on edge after a breakup and all it takes is one person to see an upsetting post from the other to flip out, get angry and say something that's not going to go over very well. For example, a friend of mine recently broke up with her boyfriend only to find out via Twitter that he's dating someone new only a few days after their split. Rather than let it go, she sent him a slew of angry messages and they started fighting it out. Awhile back a guy friend found out via Facebook that his ex-girlfriend was having the time of her life without him, so he sent her text messages telling her how upset he was. You don't need all of that unnecessary drama in your life especially when you have the option to put it behind you.

It will make you feel like hell

Do you really want to see that your ex is dating some new girl, that he's out having a supposedly fabulous time with his friends or that he recently got a raise at work? Probably not. You're putting yourself through a world of pain for no reason other than to torture yourself. If you want to move on and be happy, feeling miserable, hurt, betrayed and a slew of other negative emotions derived from his social media page isn't the way to go about it.

He doesn't deserve to know what you're up to

Just because you spent months or years with your ex doesn't mean he deserves to know what you're doing with your life now. Him knowing what you're up to gives him some sort of view into your life and he lost that right once the relationship ended. Don't hesitate to tell him that if he asks why you blocked him via social media.

Handling life after a breakup is a tricky thing. As much as you want your ex in your life, you have to tell yourself that it's not the best idea, at least not now. This isn't to say that the two of you can't be friends in the future, but you should only proceed with doing that once both of you have had time to grieve and heal. Blocking him on social media seems harsh, but you have to do what's right for you and in the long run, it may even be what gives you the space for the two of you to become friendly again in the future.

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