6 Fun Ways to Organize Your Kids' Rooms

Separating kids from their clutter can seem like a never-ending task. The solution? These 6 creative, fun ways to stash, store, and show off your child's most precious stuff.

1. Try Bunk Beds

Look for beds that come with storage options built-in, like drawers and shelves. Toys and art supplies can be tucked away underneath the bed, while books can be at arm's reach for a little bit of pre-sleepy time reading.

2. Curate an Instant Art Gallery

Exhibit the latest works from your mini-Monet with an interactive and casual display made of a clothes-drying rack attached to the wall. Use clothespins and binder clips to proudly show off art projects, family photos, magazine clippings, and the ubiquitous photo booth spread.

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3. Create a Sports Storage Zone

This wooden container provides storage for items as diverse as pool toys and stuffed animals. A quick coat of paint ensures that it has a decorative place in your child's room.

4. Take Advantage of a Built-In Recess

By installing curtains, a built-in recess can be converted into a homework or crafting area. It only takes a quick closing of the drapes to hide away works in progress.

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5. Show Off Those Fluffy Friends

Your little one refusing to give up a single Beanie Baby? Line up a menagerie of the least-used stuffed animals on top of an armoire to create a playful display without sacrificing space. Even those with missing eyes or clumpy stuffing need a bit of spotlight.

6. Use Vintage Suitcases as Storage

Displayed in stacks or stored away behind closet doors, old trunks and suitcases are the perfect size for organizing toys by type or likelihood of use.

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