The Secrets to a Stress-Free Commute

Follow these simple tips to make your commute both pleasant and productive.
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Make the Most of It

At the end of the day-quite literally-commuting is a necessary evil. After all, work allows you to bring home the paycheck that will help you reach your financial goals, and you need to get there. Follow these eight tips to make your back and forth (no matter how long), better.

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Catch Up on Your (Audio) Reading

Getting engrossed in a good story is a great way to fight off feelings of being disconnected or unhappy. Non-drivers can use an actual book or e-reader, but drivers will want to download an audio book. Many libraries let you borrow audio books for free, and some public library systems actually let you download MP3 and WMA files directly, without showing up to the library.

Here's a trick: Only allow yourself to listen to your book when commuting. That way, a little part of you will actually look forward to your time on the road.

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Rehearse Your Big Sell

… Or presentation, or tricky email, or pitch for a promotion. Even if you're not projecting to the entire train car, you can learn your lines, go over your body language and get ready to win it. Author Malcolm Gladwell posits that it takes 10,000 hours, or roughly four hours per day for ten years, to become an expert at your chosen task. While we hope you won't be spending enough time commuting to achieve that kind of expertise, you can at least master your pitch.

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Learn a New Language

Keep your mind engaged and grow your knowledge by learning that language on your bucket list. This is probably better for drivers only, as audio language programs require audible repetition. After a half hour or more of instruction per day, you'll be ready to face le travail.

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Get on Top of Your Inbox

A smartphone is great for Angry Birds, but it's even better for sorting through your inbox-provided you aren't driving. This means your email will be squared away by the time you get home, so you can turn off your phone and be fully present with your family once you walk in the door. We found some good tips from Microsoft on managing your inbox with supreme efficiency.

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