15 Ways to Get a Killer Body Image

These tips will help you view yourself in the best light.These tips will help you view yourself in the best light.We love how Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera have talked up how much they love their bods. Want to steal their body image? Try these quick and easy tricks. They'll help you eat better, exercise harder, and love your bod more, so you can feel crazy-confident 24/7.

By Malia Griggs

1. Before you leave your apartment in the morning, take a moment to strike a ridiculous (-ly attractive) pose in the mirror. It's silly, but it's good to take a moment and remember how hot you are when you're just out of the shower and freshly primped for the day.

2. Skip diet products. These types of food leave you feeling unsatisfied because they usually don't fill you up. Stick to real, non-processed foods to satisfy your cravings.

3. Don't go more than three to four hours without a meal or snack. You'll get super hungry and freak out and eat everything in sight when you finally have a second to settle. And then you'll just feel nasty and bloated. Try an apple with peanut butter, whole-fat cheese with a fruit, a handful of nuts with a piece of fruit, or a glass of whole milk.

4. Stay hydrated throughout the day. Sometimes your body confuses hunger with thirst, so keep a drink on hand. The water acts as a liver detoxifier for fat-and the cleaner your liver, the faster your metabolism. Aim for two to three liters (around 13 cups) of water a day if you want more energy.

5. Eighty percent of the time, eat real, whole foods. Twenty percent of the time, indulge. It's okay to eat that cupcake you've been lusting after-but just eat one. And then move on.

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6. Take time to look in the mirror and pick out areas of your body that you like-your eyes, hair, calves, etc. Then choose clothes that emphasize your favorite parts.

7. Create a training log for exercise and set it up with sets and reps a week in advance. The goals will motivate you so you're not just aimlessly bouncing between different machines.

8. Invest in a few pairs of lacy, sexy underwear. No one can see them, but knowing they're on will be a secret that fuels you throughout the day.

9. Set athletic goals instead of weight loss ones. If you normally hit the gym, uh, never, make it a goal to walk around the block 10 times every other night after work. If you already exercise, train for a 5k.

10. Invest in an accessory that makes you feel hot. There's nothing like shiny shoes or a beautiful new bag that help give you that extra lift.

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11. Cut down on refined sugar (which pretty much includes all white foods and corn) during the work week, then allow yourself to have one cheat meal on Saturday and one on Sunday. Sugar throws your body into a state of fatigue (gross), so curbing back on it reduces the chemical addiction for sugar that your brain thinks it really needs.

12. Catch up on episodes of The Mindy Project and Girls. These female leads have fresh, up-front attitudes about their bodies and beauty. And we think they're pretty awesome.

13. Make workouts more fun and interesting. Try a zumba class or ballet so your workout doesn't become so intensely focused on how many calories you're burning per minute on the treadmill.

14. Wear comfortable fabrics like silk, satin, and soft cotton. The chic, loose materials make you feel sensual.

15. Eat a variety of leafy, dark greens like spinach and broccoli (which experts say could decrease cellulite) and colorful veggies like peppers. This will give you a full spectrum of vitamins that you need to feel healthier.

SOURCES: Nutritionist Heather Johnson, RD; executive life coach Margie Warrell, author of Find Your Courage; celebrity fitness trainer Jackie Warner; image expert Kimberly Seltzer.

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