Love lessons from long-lasting celebrity couples

Celebrity hookups like the short-lived, Kardashian-Humphries pairing might make you think that all Hollywood couples are doomed to fail. That's just not true. Many stars find success and love and manage to keep them both. So what love lessons can we learn from these love-lifers?

Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan: Married in 1988, the iconic Fox told Oprah, "She sees who I am, and she likes me as much as she ever liked me. We have a sense of humor about life and we enjoy life. We feel every day that we're so blessed." Despite his very public struggles with Parkinson's, the couple draws strength from looking on the bright, positive side of life. Love lesson learned: Learn to laugh... together!

Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna: Together since 1997, this couple held it together despite filming a reality show based (Harry Loves Lisa) around their lives. In an interview with online magazine, Spry Living, Lisa tells Katie D. Neal, "The sex is good-that helps! (laughs) But it really is about living in the moment, respect, willingness, communication, listening, all the things you hear about. It's not always pretty, and it's not a fairy tale. You're dealing with real human emotion. It's about hanging in there and working hard." Love lesson learned: Sex and commitment, and more sex!

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick: This power couple beat the Hollywood relationship odds. Married in 1988, Bacon and Sedgwick have two kids and busy life. So what love lessons did Kyra share? In an interview with Good Housekeeping, she denies that she's an expert on love but give this tidbit. "…It's important to make sure kids have alone time. Not just to sleep or as punishment. To read a book or do whatever they want. We incorporated this into their lives, and they absolutely loved it," she says. "And that quiet gave us time to be alone together." Love lesson learned: Make time for one another away from the kids!

Victoria and David Beckham: These two celebrities are the epitome of style and gorgeousness! Still, Hollywood history shows that those two factors may not be enough for a "happily ever after." Despite her solemn appearance, Mrs. Beckham declares she's happy as a clam. What's their secret to long lasting love? According to Become Gorgeous, it could be "power yoga." This cool, new, meditative, stretching routine helps the couple to synchronize their movements and wash away any negative energy in their relationship. Love lesson learned: Be devoted to one another, even if it means trying something unusual, together.

Sounds like practical advice from couples who know how to keep love alive!